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The two European cruise routes between Denmark and Norway and Holland and The UK are great way to discover Europe and Scandinavia​. 
A cruise is an exciting- and price worthy alternative to a flight and or expensive hotel nights.
The two cruise routes cover three of Europe's main capitals - Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Choose the length of your stay 

It is your choice -  Take the cruise as a one way trip, as a return cruise (with 5 - 7 hours to spend at destination before return trip to start-destination) or choose another length of your stay, before​ return trip. With daily departures to and from all four European destinations, it is easy to plan your European cruise and your stay in each of the European countries.

On board experiences

The two European cruise routes connecting Denmark and Norway, sailing between Copenhagen and Oslo. And the Amsterdam - Newcastle route connecting Holland with The UK, offer world class cruise experiences with excellent food & beverage, live music performances, cinemas, casinos, children's entertainment, wellness areas, pools and great tax free savings*, starting at 20 %**.

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Terminals and transfer busses

The four European cruise terminals are centrally located. 
There are DFDS transfer busses between the terminals and Copenhagen-, Newcastle-, and Amsterdam city centres.
When you travel on a return cruise (two nights with 6 hours​ at destination before return trip) the DFDS transfer bus is included in the cabin price. 
Please choose transfer bus option in the online booking. The transfer bus information is included in your booking confirmation, which is sent to you by e-mail along with terms & conditions. 

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*Only on the Copenhagen - Oslo route 
**Compared to DK high street prices