On board the Amsterdam - Newcastle cruise ships

discover the unique on board atmosphere

Accommodation on board

The Amsterdam - Newcastle cruise ships off​er a range of comfortable cabins to suit every budget.
Whether you’re looking for a value-for-the-price cabin, or something extra special - there is a cabin for you. 

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Restaurants & cafés

You will find a wide range of excellent​ food & beverage restaurants and cafés on board.
Enjoy a light meal at the Lighthouse Café, a buffet dinner at the 7 Seas or a tender rib eye steak in the Explorer’s Steakhouse, also offering fantastic chicken and fish dishes. ​

Save from 15% on your on board meals by pre buying when you book online.

Restaurants & café.

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On board entertainment

Choose from on board activities such as Cinema, live music, shopping and casino​


On board Shopping - Big savings

Discover the exclusive range of cosmetics, perfume, liqueur, tobacco, confectionery , children’s toys, clothing & accessories. 

On board shopping on the Amsterdam - Newcastle route.

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