options for every taste 

Selection of bars include sun deck bars, traditional English​ bar, champagne bar (on ship Pearl Seaways) and a wine bar with champagne-, wine-, beer-, cognac-, and whiskey-tastings along with light meals and incredible tapas dishes.

Discover the bars on Crown Seaways, up close, below


Navigators bar

A traditional English bar offering a great selection of drinks, wine and quality beers fr​om across the globe.
Live music performances every night from 20.00.

Selection includes

Beer, wine, liquor, cocktails and snacks.


Live music performance every night from 20.00


Deck 8

Opening hours

From 15.00​

Welcome to Navigators bar!


Red + White - W​​ine bar​

Red + White offers a selection of some of the world's finest wines and tapas. 
Wine expert guidance and wine-, beer-, cognac- and whiskey tasting sessions available. 

Selection includes 

A wide range of hand picked wines
High profiled cognac, spirits and liquor
Special beers from micro-breweries


Wine, beer, cognac and whiskey tasting sessions with expert guidance available.


You can pre-buy your wine tasting session online


Deck 8

Opening hours

From 17.00

Welcome to Red +​ White!

Sky ​​Bar - On sundeck 

This relaxed sun deck bar with modern lounge area
and great view, offers beer, wine, liquor, cocktails and other non alcoholic beverages

Selection includes ​

Beer, wine, liquor, cocktails
Non alcoholic hot and cold beverages
Light meals, snacks.  ​


Only on ship Pearl Seaways ​


On sundeck, deck 9

Opening hours

Subject to weather conditions - Please check with Guest service centre on deck 7

ome to Sky bar!


Mer​​maid Bar - On sundeck 

Located outdoors, on sundeck, the this bar is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning views, when the weather allows. 

Selection includes​

Beer, wine, liquor, cocktails
Non alcoholic beverages, light meals, snacks



Sundeck, deck 9

Opening hours

Subject to weather conditions. Please check with Guest service centre on deck 7

elcome to Mermaid bar!


Champagne Bar

The champagne bar on ship Pearl Seaways, offers a selection of quality champagnes in modern, relaxed surroundings

Selection includes 

A wide range of high quality champagne​.


The bar only available on the ship Pearl Seaways​
(There are two ships on the route)


Deck 8

Opening hours

From 17.00 ​

Welcome to champagne bar!​


Terms and Conditions​ apply. Prices are subject to availability. All listed ​prices are inclusive of charges and taxes. Cred​it card fees apply for card issues outside the EU. Booking fees of €10 per online booking and €20 per telephone booking apply. Please note: Maximum 9 people for online bookings. Travelling with more than 9 people? Please contact customer service​.