discover the European cruise destinations

Visit some of the most beAutiful and interesting European countries 

Reach major European countries conveniently and at highly competitive prices - sail on the European ferry and cruise routes. ​Traveling on the European cruise and ferry routes is a great way to discover Europe, letting you explore the UK, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, the Baltics, and beyond.
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Cruise to the United Kingdom

Visit the UK when sailing from Amsterdam to Newcastle and discover the majestic landscapes of the UK and England.  

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Crui​se to Holland

Discover Holland when cruising from Newcastle to Amsterdam. Holland - famously home to tulips, clogs, windmills, and the capital, Amsterdam.

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Cruise to Denmark​

Visit Denmark when cruising from Oslo to Copenhagen.  Denmark - a unique Scandinavian country and a great mix of modern, urban cities and incredible nature.

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Cruise to Norway

Discover Norway when cruising from Copenhagen to Oslo. Norway offers modern city life as well as majestic unspoiled​ landscapes with fjords and mountains.​