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Visit Newcastle when travelling on the Amsterdam - Newcastle cruise route

Newcastle – A world leader in culture and one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. Newcast​le offers everything from world class football to fascinating cultural landmarks. ​


Top attractions in Newcastle

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Grey's Monument

The famous monument to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey was built in 1838 and is located in the heart of Newcastle, looking down upon Grey Street. Grey’s Monument consists of a statue of Lord Grey standing atop a 41-meter high column. 

The wide base of the monument is a popular spot for people watching, as it​ often acts as a venue for buskers, religious speakers, and political activists or protestors.​


Newastle Tyne bridge

Built in 1928, the Tyne Bridge is the most recent addition to the iconic set of bridges which span the river Tyne at the center of Newcastle. The Tyne Bridge has become the definitive landmark of Newcastle, and is said to be the prime inspiration for the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

Tynemouth Longsands

A spectacular stretch of golden sandy beach backed by picturesque dunes and cliffs. Perfect for relaxing, swimming, or even surfing, Longsands is a 10 minute walk from Cullercoats Metro station (north) and Tynemouth Metro station (south).

Victoria Tunnel

Also known as 'Newcastle’s Hidden Heritage,' the Victoria Tunnel was named the winner of 2013 NE Tourism Gold Award as Best Small Visitor Attraction. Originally dug as a means to transport coal being delivered to the harbor, the tunnel was converted into an air raid shelter at the outbreak of WW2, protecting up to 9,000 Newcastle citizens during the deadly bombing raids of the Blitz. Underground tours recounting the tunnel’s fascinating history are available.​

Jesmond Dene park

Jesmond Dene is a unique haven​ of peace and tranquility. Following the river Ouseburn between South Gosforth and Jesmond Vale, the Jesmond Dene Park provides an important wildlife corridor right in the center of Newcastle.

The Jesmond Dene Park is home to a multitude of wildlife, notably the kingfisher and the red squirrel, as well as a fantastical mix of native and exotic trees. The Jesmond Dene Park stretches for over three kilometers, creating a green oasis in the midst of a bustling metropolis.​

Blue Reef Aquarium

Enjoy close encounters with hundreds of incredible aquatic creatures. Come face to face with everything from adorable seals and playful otters to clownfish, seahorses, and graceful stingrays. ​

Not just a traditional aquarium, you can also meet the monkeys and reptiles in the stunning Amazonian exhibition. A full program of entertaining and educational talks and feeding displays take place throughout the day.​

Newcastle Nightlife

Several areas of the city have their own cluster of pubs and and clubs to choose from, and you can also find a huge selection of theaters and music venues within easy reach of one another.

For great views and laid-back drinks, head to T​he Quayside. The Pitcher & Piano has an ideal spot by the Gateshead Millenium Bridge; if the weather's good, make sure to get there early to grab a seat in the sun!

Have a drink in one of Newcastle's oldest pubs, full of Geordie character, the Crown Posada, or stop off at one of the newest bars, BrewDog, which serves up its own range of exciting, full-flavored beers.

For a more sophisticated time, dress to impress and head to Central Station and Collingwood Street. Known locally as "The Diamond Strip," you can find a range of chic bars and clubs, including Revolution, housed in a luxurious converted bank. Sip cocktails, tall drinks, and unique martinis in ultra-cool venues like Madame Koo, Florita's, House of Smith, and Perdu, or stroll down the road to Mosley Street and dance the night away at Tup Tup Palace. 



Newcastle Markets

Tynemouth market

Housed in the beautifully Victorian Tynemouth Metro Station, Tynemouth Market is one of the busiest of its kind in the northeast. Built in 1982, the wonderful station is home to a picturesque market featuring a range of general stalls offering all kinds of arts, crafts, clothes, music, antiques and bric-a-brac.

On the third Saturday of every month, farmers descend upon the market to sell their fresh local produce. And the station is just five minutes away from the beach. You can get there easily by hopping on the Metro from Newcastle. When you get off, you literally find yourself stepping off the train into the market. Delightful.

Grainger Market

The renowned Newcastle architect John Dobson and developer Richard Grainger were personally responsible for building much of the city centre during the 19th century, including the Grainger Market. The covered arcade first opened its doors in 1835 and is divided into a grid of aisles that are home to a variety of businesses selling all kinds of wares.

You will find everything from green grocers, butchers and general stores, to video game retailers, hardware shops and tobacconists.

Armstrong Bridge arts market

Every Sunday, Armstrong Bridge is home to a lovely craft market that is a regular fixture on the event calendar of many locals. Located on the iron bridge, built in 1878, overlooking the lush Jesmond Dene Park below, it is a wonderful setting for a market and a great place to start a day of exploring the vast park.

The market itself has been running for nearly 50 years, ever since the bridge was first closed to traffic back in 1963, and it is home to a multitude of top notch arts and crafts stalls. Whether you are looking for something specific or just browsing, the Armstrong Bridge market provides the perfect opportunity to find something for someone special.​

Quayside market​

The vibrant Quayside Market is a great place to visit on a Sunday, with arts and crafts stalls setting up shop alongside local food producers on the riverfront.

As well as the usual ceramics, photographers, jewellers,​ and the like, you will often be treated to impromptu performances by street artists and musicians, giving the market the dynamic atmosphere that makes it so popular.​

Newcastle farmers market

The monthly Farmers Market is well worth a visit. Certified by the National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association (FARMA), the outdoor event is held around the city’s Grey Market and has strict guidelines about what can and can’t be sold.

All stalls are only allowed to sell food that has been produced, grown or raised within 50 miles of the market site, making it a truly environmental, and local, affair. Handmade cheese from the Northumberland Cheese Company and homemade chili sauces from Spicy Monkey are just some of the amazing local products on show.​

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