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Beautiful nature and cultural attractions

Discover Oslo when cruising from Copenhagen. With daily departures from both Copenhagen and Oslo you can always decide the length of your visit in Oslo by choosing a one way cruise, a​ roundtrip cruise, or a three day roundtrip Mini Cruise. 

Oslo is rapidly becoming a capital of culture and contemporary architecture. Modern landmarks by world renowned architects are creating a brand new skyline, but there is much more to Oslo than just modern architecture.
Oslo is a thriving metropolitan area, although the outskirts of Oslo remain largely forested, laced with hiking trails and cross-country ski routes, where moose and wolves can be seen. In fact, Oslo is the only European capital where you can go hiking, kayaking, skiing, and sailing without ever leaving the city.
An icon of contemporary Scandinavian architecture, the Oslo Opera House, is also spearheading Oslo’s campaign to become an internationally recognized cultural city.
You will find w​orld-class restaurants, museums, and art galleries in Oslo as well, including the most complete collection of Viking ships, tools, and artifacts in Scandinavia. Explore Oslo and find unique experiences and tourist attractions unlike any other!

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Oslo attractions

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House – an icon of contemporary Scandinavian architecture. The Oslo Opera House is centrally located at the head of the Oslo Fjord, next to the DFDS terminal. 

The angular exterior is beautifully clad with Italian marble and white granite, and the building appears to be rising from the water. 

The Opera house contains 1100 rooms with a total area of 38,500m² (414,000 sq. ft.). The main auditorium seats 1,364 people. The main stage is 16m (52 ft) wide and 40m (130 ft) deep. It is the largest cultural building ever constructed in Norway in modern times. ​

Oslo attractions

Vigeland Park

Vigeland park is one of Oslo’s most popular tourist attractions with more than 1 million visitors every year. 

This unique outdoor sculpture park is open to the public and features more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite, and cast iron. 

The bronze statue of the Angry Boy (Sinnataggen in Norwegian) is among the most famous sculptures, along with the Monolith (Monolitten), and the Wheel of Life (Livshjulet). 

The park is open all year at all times.​

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Oslo food court

Looking for a place try out Scandinavian and international foods and specialities during your visit to Oslo? Then look no further. 

Mathallen (The Food Court) in central Oslo features delicacy shops, restaurants, and cafes serving some of the best food Oslo has to offer. Mathallen offers everything from sushi to Norwegian craft beers. 

he food court’s atmosphere reflects the Norwegian passion for high quality food and beverages, and is a "must see" for the gastronomic tourist in Oslo.​

Oslo attractions

Tusenfryd amusement park

Tusenfryd, Norway’s largest amusement park, features more than 30 entertaining rides,​ in addition to great games, shops, and eateries. The Oslo Tusenfryd amusement park offers attractions for all ages, including large and small roller coasters, carousels, a log ride, a 5D haunted house, and much more. The Barnas Fryd and Frydskogen areas also offer rides and activities for younger children. 

In the summer, you can enjoy BadeFryd, a water park with swimming pools, a swimming river, a huge slide, and beach volleyball courts.​

Oslo attractions

Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center features an exciting combination of special and permanent exhibitions that promote popular interest in issues relating to war, peace, and conflict resolution. The Peace Prize laureates are all presented on digital screens in the Nobel Field, a garden of 1000 fiber-optic lights. 

The children’s activity “Fred and Toca Loca,” is suitable for children accompanied by adults, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.


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Fearnley Museum

The Astrup Fearnley collection of modern and contemporary art is counted among the most significant of its kind in Northern Europe.

The museum complements works from the permanent collection by rotating exhibitions with internationally renowned artists.​

The National Gallery

Norway's largest public collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures are found in the National Gallery. The National G​allery's central attractions include Edvard Munch's The Scream and Madonna as well as paintings by Cézanne and Manet.
The museum's exhibitions focuses on pre-modern art, with principal emphasis on art from Norway. The permanent exhibition shows highlights from the collection and national icons from the R​omantic period until the mid-1900s. Also on display are works by international painters and sculptors, including the French impressionists.

Free admission​ on Sundays.
The National Gallery is part of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.​​

Munch Museum

The Munch Museum is a monographic art museum, dedicated to the life and work of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The museum at Tøyen houses the world's largest collection of Munch's art, with almost 28,​000 works.​

Norsk Folkemuseum​

Norway's largest museum of cultural history, featuring the world's oldest open-air museum as well as  large indoor collections. ​


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