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Explore the beauty of Denmark 

Denmark, comprising a peninsula and numerous islands, both small and large, is bordered to the south by​ Germany and is ​surrounded by the North Sea, the Skagerrak, the Kattegat, and the Baltic Sea. 
Two of Denmark's islands, Zealand and Funen, are connected by the world's third longest suspension bridge: Storebæltsbroen, or the Great Belt Bridge. Denmark’s many smaller islands are connected by bridges and small ferries. 

When visiting Denmark, you also have an easy, accessible gateway to Sweden via the Oresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo. A short 30 minute drive or train ride over the Oresund Bridge and you are in Sweden.​ 
The Oresund trains takes you from Copenhagen to Malmo via the Oresund bridge and further north up Sweden's west coast.
The Oresund trains departs four times per hour. 

Visit Denmark - The landscapes

The Danish coastlines possess amazing variety - from the sandy beaches at Marienlyst to the steep cliffs that ring the​ island of Bornholm. The Danish tradition of summer residences offers a unique opportunity for you to rent a place and live like a Dane, if just for a little while. In Jutland (Jylland to Danes), there are seaside resorts spread all along the western coastline, famous for their inviting charm​.

Danish forests are beautiful in their tranquillity and summer lushness, especially in the early spring when the forest floor is covered with, blue, yellow, and white anemones. Being a northern country, Danish flora is composed of both deciduous and evergreen trees and plants, all of which provide spectacular natural scenery, whatever the season. Deer and foxes are a common sight, and with no predators larger than a badger, nor any venomous snakes, the Danish countryside is both welcoming and safe to explore.

Visit Denmark – The Danes 

Denmark is a democratic society, where tolerance and diversity is highly valued. Danes always appreciate people trying to speak Danish, but over 85% percent of them speak English, making life easier for tourists.
Despite living in a monarchy, Danes are generally casual about their royals, and are secular and individualistic in their approach to life. Greetings with strangers are usually informal, with a firm handshake, direct eye contact and a smile. ​
You can expect a warm welcome from the Danes. ​

Visit Denmark – Attractions

Copenhagen ZOO

The Copenhagen Zoo is located in central Copenhagen, and is noted for its spacious habitats and the care for which the animals are shown. With more than 3000 animals from around the world and a total of 264 different species, there is plenty to discover at this modern zoo.
Don´t miss out on the Arctic Ring, Copenhagen Zoo's new and unique facility for polar bears, seals, and North Atlantic birds! ​

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The Blue Planet - National Aquarium Denmark, Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s The Blue Planet, Denmark's Aquarium, is northern Europe's largest aquarium. The Blue Planet offers an amazing aquatic experience for both adults​ and children of all ages. Once inside the unique, whirlpool-shaped building, you will be surrounded by water tanks, giving you the feeling of being under water.

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Copenhagen Tivoli - Amusement park in central Copenhagen

Historical Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a must for children (and grown ups) of all ages.
Tivoli is located in central Copenhagen, just a few minutes walk from Copenhagen City Hall, and right across the street from Copenhagen Central Station. 
Tivoli offers 26 rides during the summer and 29 rides during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. There is everything from modern rides offering maximum gravity-defying experiences to classic carousels. Make sure not to miss out on Tivoli's most popular ride, a lovingly maintained wooden roller coaster from 1914.

Skagen, Denmark

Skagen - both Denmark's northernmost town and the beautiful peninsula and coastal area surrounding it. Skagen, situated in the far north of Jutland, translates to The Scaw in English, which itself is an archaic Norse term for a headland​. With its incredible coastline, gorgeous maritime scenery, traditional fisheries, and well-developed harbour, Skagen attracts over 2 million people annually.


LEGOLAND, Denmark, Billun​d

LEGOLAND in Billund is an internationally renowned, immensely popular amusement park in Denmark. The heart of the amusement park is Miniworld​ - the world in miniature, constructed of over 20 million LEGO® bricks.
The park also offers attractions and rides for families and children of all ages, and is an exiting experience for newcomers to the famed building bricks and life-long fans alike .

National Museum Copenhagen

Denmark's National Museum in Copenhagen features exhibitions from throughout history, including the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Modern Danish History. With unique and priceless exhibits from Denmark and around the world, the National Museum can provide hours of educational enertainment for the whole family. The National Museum is located in The Prince’s Palace, just a short walk from the central train station​.

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