​Lunch/Light meals

Italian or LIGHT food 

Choose from antipasti, stone-oven baked pizzas, homemade pasta dishes, and Italian desserts in the Little Italy restaurant, or enjoy a light meal in the Baresso coffee shop, which serves sandwiches, fresh fruit, cookies, and more. ​

Little Italy - Authentic Pizza & Pasta Restaurant

Enjoy some of the best traditional Italian dishes in this modern, yet cozy, Italian restaurant. 
Choose from a wide selection of delicious antipasti, stone-oven baked pizzas, pasta dishes, and Italian desserts and cheeses.


No table reservation needed


Deck 8

Menu includes​

Traditional pasta dishes
Stone-oven baked classic Italian pizzas 
Desserts and cheeses
Special wine menu with Italian wines

Children's information

Children 0 - 11 years - Half adult price (Half adult portion size)​
Teens 12 - 15 years - Adult price
Children's menu "Jack the pirate" available.​​

Opening hours 

From 12.00 

Welcome to ​Little Italy!​​​

​Baresso - Coffee corner 

Baresso offers delicious aromatic coffee drinks​ made by professional baristas, along with a selection of hot and cold drinks such as tea, juices, smoothies. For lunch, the cafe offers lighter food such as freshly made sandwiches and wraps, fresh fruit, yoghurt, cookies and cakes.



Deck 7

Opening hours

07.00​ - 09.45 and from 15.30 - 21.00

e to Baresso!​

Terms and Conditions​ apply. Prices are subject to availability. All listed ​prices are inclusive of charges and taxes. Cred​it card fees apply for card issues outside the EU. Booking fees of €10 per online booking and €20 per telephone booking apply. Please note: Maximum 9 people for online bookings. Travelling with more than 9 people? Please contact customer service​.