discover the happiest country in the world

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Denmark - One of the happiest countries in the world. It might be a small country but it has a great deal to offer. From beautiful nature and coastlines to incredible architecture and vibrant city life in Copenhagen and Aarhus. 
Denmark, located in Northern Europe and is the southernmost of the four Nordic countries. 

visit copenhagenDenmark - The society
Danes enjoy a high standard of living and the country ranks highly in numerous comparisons of national performance, including education, health care, protection of civil liberties, democratic governance, prosperity and human development. Denmark is frequently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world in cross-national studies of happiness. The country ranks as having the world's highest social mobility, a high level of income equality, has one of the world's highest per capita incomes, and has one of the world's highest personal income tax rates. A large majority of Danes are members of the National Church, though the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.​

Top 15 most famous Danish attractions

Take a look at the 15 most famous attractions in Denmark among tourists. Topping the list, you see the popular attractions LEGOLAND Billund, Tivoli in Copenhagen and The Little Mermaid. 
Take your pick among these must-see attractions and make up your own list of favourites.


LEGOLAND Billund is the world's first LEGOLAND resort and a true celebration to the Danish LEGO brick. LEGOLAND Billund is located right by the airport, only a two hour flight from London. Inside the park, you will find amusements, a mini land of famous worldwide landmarks made of LEGO, and thematic restaurants. New in 2015: The world's biggest LEGO model made of more than 5 millions bricks.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is one of Denmark's most famous attractions and often at the top of the bucket list for many visitors to the Danish capital. The Little Mermaid, who sits on her rock at Langelinje Pier, is inspired by Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen's popular tale, where a mermaid tragically falls in love with a human prince. The sculpture of the famous lady, designed by sculptor Edvard Eriksen, celebrated her 100th birthday in 2013.​

Tivoli Copenhagen
​Copenhagen Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world. You will get the sense of a fairy-tale-like atmosphere the minute you enter the gates.
Inside the amusement park, you will find a diverse selection of restaurants, thrilling rides and quaint stalls.
During Christmas Tivoli is transformed into a magical Christmas wonderland.
The Royal Danish Opera House
The Royal Danish Opera House is beautifully located by the harbour opposite Amalienborg Palace and The Little Mermaid. Copenhagen Opera House was a gift from A.P. Møller Mærsk to the Danish people.
The Royal Danish Opera House in Copenhagen is designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen.​

The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, located just west of Copenhagen, is one of Denmark's many Viking attractions. The Museum is the perfect place to discover how the Vikings lived and especially to explore the hard work that went into building the ships that took the Vikings fishing and on crusades across oceans.​


Christiania, the famous free town of Copenhagen, located in the Christianshavn area, is without a doubt one of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions. Parts of this controversial area are peaceful with beautiful nature by the water, cosy restaurants and small shops. 
The famous Christiania bike is originally from this area. 

The Wadden sea national park

The islands and the natural coastlands by the Wadden sea have become an area in Denmark that really attracts a lot of visitors. It is truly a unique nature experience. 

Roskilde Cathedral – World heritage

Roskilde Cathedral is inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is a unique and beautiful medieval cathedral. 

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Palace is situated on three islets in the castle lake in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen.

Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is a little oasis in Aalborg, the biggest city in North Jutland. The Zoo is beautifully situated on the top of a hill next a forest. Inside you will find all types of animals, from the majestic African lion to pet friendly farm animals.​

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum
The Old Town Museum in Aarhus is one of Denmark's most comprehensive open air museums.
Discover how Danes lived their lives in the old days, as you walk the narrow cobbled paths, enter the old bakery or pay a visit to the blacksmith in his forge. The latest addition to The Old Town Museum is a complete 1970s building which showcases fully furnished flats from that time.​

H.C. Andersen's childhood home in Odense

World-famous Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense on the island of Funen. Today, his childhood home is a popular attraction. 
In the little yellow house, you can experience how he lived with his parents from the age of two until he turned 14. In Odense, you will also find a dedicated Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

Visit Carlsberg

At the Visit Carlsberg - The visitor centre located in the original Carlsberg Brewery you can learn how the beer originated, how it is made and of course how it tastes. 
Visit Carlsberg offers guided tours, interactive exhibitions, the world's biggest collection of beer bottles and of course a great Carlsberg bar. 

Copenhagen Zoo​
Copenhagen Zoo houses more than 3.000 animals, big and small. Experience one of the best elephant houses in the world, the Arctic ring with polo bears​, and much more. Copenhagen Zoo is beautifully located near the stunning Frederiksberg Park.​​​​