​Little Italy

Little Italy restaurant serves up a range of classic Italian dishes, including all your favourites, suitable for both adults and children.

All dishes are prepared onboard each day using the finest fresh ingredients and include classic Italian starters, pasta dishes and stone-baked pizzas. Tuck into a tagliatelle pasta with portobello ​​mushrooms and cream, or a classic, comforting spaghetti bolognese (also available in children’s portions).

​If you’d prefer a pizza, then we have a selection available, including vegetarian options and family favourites such as the Diavola, and more unique choices such as the Bianca pizza, with no tomato base. All pizzas are stone-baked, giving an authentic, Italian taste and texture. 

As of January 2018 we will be closing Little Italy. Still craving something Mediterranean? No problem. Head over to our Explorer’s Kitchen buffet where they’ll be serving a host of delicious Mediterranean dishes. 


Little Italy

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