When you arrive on our website we collect some information about your visit, your computer and how you interact with our website. This information is stored in cookies in your web browser.

The information in these cookies is used to make your experience on our site the best possible and most convenient.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your web browser and recognized by the website during your visit and if you visit us again. It allows us to provide you with information most suitable for you and enhance your experience on our site. A cookie does not contain any personal information and it is not a harmful program or virus.

How to avoid cookies

If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can block them or delete existing cookies from your browser. Below there are links explaining how to delete and block cookies.

What we use cookies for on our website

We use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience on ou​r website. We can see how you interact with our site and improve it accordingly. We also use the cookies to keep track of various marketing campaigns.

This way we learn what works and adjust the website in accordance with what you like. Cookies are also used for when we conduct surveys on our website. The cookies help so that we don’t ask you the questions over and over when you come back to our websites.​

What kind of cookies we use on our website

​We use two kinds of cookies. Cookies that are set by our website, our content management system and the online booking system you use to book tickets in, are 1st party cookies. 1st party cookies are only set when you visit o​ur site.

We also use a number of external tools and systems like tracking and analytics, e-mail newsletters, AdWords and b​​anners. These place cookies as well. Cookies set by these are 3rd party cookies.

3rd party cookies can be set when you engage with us through emails and banners, but also when ​​​​you visit our site.

Cookie lifetime

The cookies placed by our site have various lifetimes. Some expire as soon as you close your browser, others are valid for days/months/years. We need the lifetime for a cookie to be longer when it is used to measure if you are a new or returning visitor.

For the most part we use the standard lifetime of the cookies (set by the systems that use them). In some cases we can change the lifetime. We are not able to control the lifetime of all 3rd party cookies because they belong to external systems that are used by partners and agencies.

1st party cookies

Our website: We place a session cookie when you visit our site. This has a technical functionality. As an example, the cookie helps your experience, if you login to our site as a travel agent.

Our online booking: We place a session cookie when you use our online booking engine. This has a technical functionality. As an example, the cookie keeps track of the content of your booking. This allows you to move back and forth in the booking without losing your content.

Session cookies expire when you close the browser.

3rd party cookies

Google Analytics and Adwords Measures traffic on our site. The cookies expire automatically after a number of days/years after your last visit.

YouTube We show YouTube videos on our sites. YouTube places cookies that remembers your settings in the video player. As an example. If you have changed the sound level on a YouTube video, this is remembered in a cookie for the next time you view a YouTube​ video.


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How to delete cookies

​Should you decide to delete any cookies you have received so far, you can find a guide by following the links below. They cover most of the browsers used.

Notice, that you will be d​eleting cookies received by all sites and not just ours.

Microsoft Internet Explorer​

Block cookies​​​

Delete cookies​

Mozilla Firefox

Block and delete cookies​

Google Chrome

Block and delete cookies​


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