WiFi on board

Get access to WiFi on your trip by purchasing one of our 4 WiFi solutions on board on the routes Copenhagen-Oslo and Amsterdam-Newcastle. Find even more information about WiFi in your cabin and on the infomation screens on board. 

WiFi packages and prices

​Copenhagen-Oslo ​Amsterdam-Newcastle
​1 time​40 DKK​5 EUR
3 timer​65 DKK​9 EUR
​20 timer​120 DKK​17 EUR
​44 timer200 DKK​26 EUR

​How to buy

Choose the network "DFDS-guest" and you are now autmatically redirected to a landing page giving you the option of choosing which package you want and pay.

Premium and conference guests

Do you travel in one of our premium cabins or are you a conference guest, WiFi is included and free of charge. As Commodore guests you need to hand in the voucher from your cabin in the Guest Service Center to get access to free Wi-fi. As Conference guest you will receive a Wi-Fi code in the Conference Center.


Price is subject to change. Remember to set up your mobile correctly - not using mobile data, otherwise you risk being billed on your phone bill. If you are in doubt regarding mobile usage abroad we recommend you to contact your mobile operator for more information.

Telenor Maritime is the service provider on both our Newcastle-Amsterdam and Copenhagen-Oslo routes. The Wi-Fi access code is limited to one device at a time. The Wi-Fi connection is at times over satellite so some limitations must be taken into account with some capacity-intensive solutions such as streaming services.