What kind of an image does a Michelin star restaurant provoke? To us it means quality and innovation, elements we try to incorporate on both of our Copenhagen-Oslo ships, Crown and Pearl. That’s why we’re working towards earning one of the esteemed stars in our new onboard restaurant, SJØ.






​Our vision

We intend to provide our guests with an unbeatable dining experience, meaning our restaurant needs to be offering the highest quality service and cuisine.

Our biggest dream is earning a Michelin star, and we are determined to get it.

Hard work

It's going to take serious commitment on the part of all our staff, especially our chefs. We will have create a unique culinary experience for our guests, food enthusiasts and critics.

As well as a brand new kitchen and menu, we’ll need all hands on deck to ensure SJØ hits Michelin standards, which we are confident it will.


A helping hand

Although we are aiming to achieve that Michelin star, our top priority is making sure we offer our guests the best possible service.

To make sure we do so, we have a new onboard chef, the former chef for Noma, Søren Westh. Another new member to our team is Christian Mortensen, the former chef at Kol i Kødbyen and The Paul in Tivoli, Michelin star holders for 7 years.

We will strive to make SJØ among the best in Scandinavian dining.

SJØ – love for Scandinavia