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The Iconic brand CHANEL, known the world over as the standard of style and luxury is avaliable on bord the Copenhagen - Oslo ships. Tax free CHANEL prices is as low as -20%  compared to DK high street prices. 

CHANEL Cosmetics - Tax free

The CHANEL cosmetics line luxury accessible to everyone. CHANEL cosmetics products are known for their superior quality and innovative formulas. It all started with their original fragrance, CHANEL No. 5, and has grown into a complete beauty line including skin care, makeup, and a number of other perfumes. Chanel’s beauty line is about extravagance and indulgence; it was designed to give women the experience of luxury in their daily routine.

Chanel perfumes - Tax free

The CHANEL beauty empire was founded on their first perfume-CHANEL No. 5. CHANELS fragrances are still among their bestselling and most popular beauty products. Chanel now have a wide range of perfumes, but their signature creation, Chanel No.5, remains the most famous perfume in the world, topping bestseller lists for nearly a century.

Bestselling CHANEL perfumes - Tax free

Chanel No. 5: This warm, intense floral scent is CHANEL's premiere and most classic fragrance.

Allure: Available in original Allure and Allure Sensuelle, this clean, sexy scent captures that je ne sais quoi that makes a woman irresistible.

Coco Madesmoiselle: Inspired by the spirit of young Coco, Coco Mademoiselle is a fresh, oriental scent that is truly a modern classic.

Chance: A lighter, more delicate scent than other CHANEL fragrances, Chance is targeted at the brand's younger consumers. It's also available as Eau Fraiche and Eau Tendre.

No. 19: Created for Coco in 1971, No. 19 combines rich, green florals with a subdued woody note.

CHANEL Makeup - Tax free

CHANEL's makeup products are as chic and luxurious as everything bearing the label's trademark logo. 
CHANEL have a full line of cosmetics for face, eyes, lips, and nails, as well as brushes and tools for application. 
Top-rated CHANEL products include their mascara, lip gloss, and nail polish. CHANEL powder, shadow, and blush compacts are also extremely popular.

Bestselling CHANEL make up products - Tax free 

Inimitable Mascara: CHANEL uses its own formula and brush design to ensure the Inimitable Mascara delivers length, curl, volume, and separation in one stroke of application. Their original mascara is also available in Waterproof and Intense.

Levres Scintillantes Glossimer: A long time bestseller, CHANEL's Levres Scintillantes Glossimer lip gloss features a unique moisturizing formula that ensures comfort and lasting color. It's available in over 30 shades to suit every taste.

Le Vernis Nail Colour: Available in classic and fashion-forward colors, CHANEL's Le Vernis Nail Colour promises to strengthen nails while delivering chip-resistant, high-shine color that lasts.

Compacts: Whether for the face, eyes, or cheeks, CHANEL powder compacts are a favorite among customers.
Not only do they illuminate and complement the skin, they are decorated with trademark CHANEL designs and textured to resemble the brand's iconic quilting and other patterns from historical CHANEL collections. The Ombres Matelassees features the quilting, while the Route Des Indes Des CHANEL was inspired by a 1960s collection created by Coco Chanel.​

CHANEL Skincare - Tax free

CHANEL offers a complete line of skin care products for the face and body including cleansers, masks, creams, serums, moisturizers, and sun care. Their most popular lines are Ultra Correct Lift and Ultra Correct Line Repair; both focus on repairing and preventing skin issues associated with aging. Both lines contains innovative formulas exclusive to CHANEL. CHANEL offers Moisturizing, brightening, and regenerating skin care lines for all skin types.​​

CHANEL Skincare top products

Hydra Beauty: The new Hydra Beauty line uses a combination of Camellia PFA and Blue Ginger PFA to provide intense moisturizing and protection to the skin.

Le Blanc: CHANEL's brightening collection, Le Blanc, uses primarily Pearl Protein and Licorice Extract to illuminate and even out the skin while hydrating. Some products feature the addition of the TXC molecule, which helps to diminish dark spots.

Ultra Correction Lift: The Ultra Correction Lift collection uses CHANEL exclusive technology to boost collagen and lift skin from the inside with the Polyfractioned Active, of PFA. Ultra Correction Line Repair: Ultra Correction Line Repair products use Bay Cedar PFA to stimulate enzymes that aid in the prevention, reduction, and reversal of the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Sublimage: One of the newest lines of CHANEL skincare, Sublimage uses Enriched Planifolia PFA to provide total anti-aging care. It moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, firms, evens skin tone, and more to create radiant, younger-looking skin.​

New CHANEL Products

CHANEL frequently adds new products to their lines to ensure they're giving you, their customers, the latest in science and fashion. New colors are worked into the makeup line seasonally, and new technology applied to skin care products regularly. They also frequently expand their signature scent lines to give you more of what you love.​

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