It is an absolute must to visit and explore Copenhagen when you cruise from or to the Danish capital. 
From Danish Design and architecture to world famous museums, castles, and palaces, to beautiful parks, a zoo, an aquarium, and amusement parks, Copenhagen has attractions and sights to satisfy every interest – and many of them are both free of charge and within walking or biking distance.​​​​​

Copenhagen attractions

Top 3 attractions in Copenhagen

The top three most famous tourist attractions in Copenhagen are the, more than a century and a half old, amusement park Tivoli Gardens, the statue of the Little Mermaid, and the free township of Christiania.

But Copenhagen has so much more to offer!
Copenhagen boasts numerous tourist attractions, activities, and entertainment in the city center, as well spread throughout the metropolitan area.
Fou​nded in 1043, Copenhagen is filled with historic landmarks, breath-taking architecture, and a wealth of sights and museums.

Be sure to visit Amalienborg Palace (home to the royal family), the canal restaurants along Nyhavn harbour area, and Strøget, Copenhagen’s number one shopping street and one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets.
Copenhagen offers plenty of tourist attractions, activities and entertainment in the city centre as well as on the outskirts - See more below.

Copenhagen attractions

Copenhagen ​​Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen’s largest amusement park, Tivoli Gardens, is for both children and grown-ups!
Tivoli is located in central Copenhagen, right next to the Copenhagen Central Station. In 2013, Tivoli opened the new 600 m2 Tycho Brahe area with three brand new exciting rides, including the incredible 5G ride Vertigo.
Tivoli is packed with all types of rides and entertainment. Live music is on the program every day, and big-name rock and pop acts play live on the open-air stage every Friday during the summer. Every Saturday night, Tivoli’s professional fireworks display lights up the Copenhagen sky.

Bakken amusement park 

Located a short ten minute drive north of Copenhagen - in the beautiful forest of Dyrehaven (the Deer Garden), right next to the Klampenborg train station, you find Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park. But don’t let all of the history fool you; the rides and facilities are fully up to date! Bakken offers rides and games for the whole family, along with fine restaurants, fast food, and ice cream stalls. Every day offers fun activities and entertainment for children and adults alike.

Copenhagen attractions

Nyhavn - The famous harbour area​​

One of the most famous images of Copenhagen, this beautiful harbour is filled with cosy restaurants and cafes serving traditional Danish cuisine and delectable​​​ fish dishes.


Located in an old abandoned military area alongside the old defensive walls of Copenhagen, Christiania is a symbol of the liberated minds of the sixties and seventies. The original residents claimed the area in 1971; it wasn't being used by anyone, so they just moved in. A free township, and not actually a district of Copenhagen, Christiania has survived, grown, and adapted through more than four decades. A truly unique part of Denmark, Christiania always welcomes visitors, and is well worth seeing. Christiania has its own museums and galleries, live music venues, carpentry workshops​ and smithies, vendors, and street artists. Do not miss out on the great selection of organic foods and drinks in the many restaurants and cafés. If you get the chance you must take a Christiania Bike, the iconic cargo bike, for a ride!

Kødbyen - Copenhagen meatpac​​king district

Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district has been brought back to a completely new life, much like New York City's, and has become a hotbed of new and trendy places. Visit Butcher’s Lab, a combined fitness gym and gallery, dine at the Fish Bar or mother (the noted Italian restaurant), or sample the internationally renowned organic food served up at Bio Mio or Nose2Tail.
Come nightfall, the Karriere Bar, Jolene, and Bakken make for a vibrant atmosphere in some of the refurbished old warehouses. Located near Copenhagen Central Station, the Meatpacking District is easily accessible, and a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Copenhagen attractions

Strøget - Denmark's shopping street

Strøget, one of Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping streets, is home to hundreds of high street fashion stores, designer boutiques, small fashion shops, restaurants, and cafés. Pulsing through the heart of the city center, from the City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv, Strøget is filled with some of Copenhagen’s most historic buildings and attractions. 

The area around the atmospheric ​Amagertorv, at the Kongens Nytorv end of Strøget and complete with it's historic fountain and square, is a great place to stop for quick coffee and light food. Try out the unique "smushies" (a delightful fusion of smørrebrød, Danish open-faced sandwiches, and Japanese sushi) at the Royal Smushi Cafe, or sit down to traditional café food and drinks at classic eateries like Café Norden, Café Europa, or Café Sommerskov. The homes of many of the fantastic products carried in our Sea Shop can be found here at Amagertorv, such as Georg Jensen and Royal Copenhagen, as well as the luxury department stores of Illum, Magasin du Nord, and Illums Bolighus.​

Copenhagen attractions

Copenhagen Food Mar​ket - Torvehallerne

Next to Nørreport Station in the heart of Copenhagen, you will find Torvehallerne, the best indoor food market and delicatessen in Copenhagen.
Whether you are looking to eat in or pick up some take out, Torvehallerne's remarkable selection will have what you are looking for. Ranging from gourmet delicacies and wine to organic, farm-to-table natural foods, Torvehallerne's spice racks, bakeries, cheese mongers, fresh fish and seafood stalls, gourmet butchers, and world-class coffee ensure an epicurean experience that can please even the demanding of palates. Make sure to try out the stone-age food at Palæo, and the delicious porridge at Grød (yes, we said porridge; it's incredible, trust us!) 

Copenhage​​​n museums

Along with a world of shopping, eating and entertainment, you will find plenty of culture in Copenhagen. Copenhagen's museums are well known for their accessibility, their modern approach, and for offering more than the traditional passive museum experience. Danish museums strive to be alive, challenging and engaging. In a country with such a history of famous architects, the museums themselves are often architectural marvels, as well.

Copenhagen attractions

MoMA - ​​Louisiana

One of Copenhagen’s most beautiful museums, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, is located 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen, in beautiful natural surroundings near the Øresund coast, within walking distance from the train station and busstops. Louisiana features refreshing and innovative contemporary art as well as modernist and avant garde classics. Besides the impressive permanent collection of over 3,000 works, the museum features eight to twelve annual special exhibitions from some of the most critically acclaimed artists around the world.

The National Gallery of Denmark - Statens museum for kunst

The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst) is the largest art museum in Denmark, featuring outstanding collections of Danish and international art from the past seven centuries. Contemporary art exhibits are displayed in the X-Room, an experimental venue that host two different artists a year, who create a piece or exhibit specifically for the space.

Exhibits range from installation art to photography to multimedia art, and everything inbetween. Along with its permanent collection the museum also holds temporary exhibitions, meaning there is always something new to see. Artists as varied as Pablo Picasso and Bob Dylan have had their paintings exhibited at Denmark’s National Gallery.

The National Museum of ​​Danish History - Copenhagen

Denmark’s National Museum in Copenhagen features permanent exhibitions from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and modern Danish history. There are also visiting exhibitions with artifacts from other museums. Boasting an impressive ethnographical collection, a collection of classical and near eastern antiquities, a coin and medal collection, and a toy museum, the National Museum is a treat for any history buff. 

A self-guided tour of the museum takes about an hour, although tour packages are available as well. Tours include the historical tour of Denmark, the family tour, and the tour around the world. In July, August, and September there are guided tours in English.

Copenhagen attractions

​National Aquarium Denmark - Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet) is the biggest aquarium facility in northern Europe.
The architecture of The Blue Planet is inspired by a whirlpool, and this amazing building comprises five ‘arms,’ which allow visitors to decide how they would like to view the facility. Don't miss the ocean tank where hammerhead sharks swim alongside rays and moray eels in four millions liters of azure sea water,​​ or the beautiful coral reef where colorful tropical ​fish live in harmony with other sea creatures.

Copenhagen attractions

Copenhagen ​​Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo takes the zoo experience one step further with its top-of-the-line living facilities for the animals and unique viewing opportunities for the guests. 
The Arctic Ring, Copenhagen Zoo’s latest addition, provides exceptional living conditions for its inhabitants (polar bears, North Atlantic birds, and seals), and allows you to get extremely close to these fascinating animals both above and below the surface of the water. 
The Rain Forest offers an amazing tropical experience, where you will come close to snakes, crocodiles, marmosets, hornbills, chevrotains, exotic birds, and butterflies.
The Elephant House is considered among the best zoological elephant facilities in the world, with a cutting edge design that allows great views for the visitors, and a wonderful home for the elephants.
Get a close-up view of the elephants as they bathe in the specially designed basin that is so deep only their raised trunks are visible when they submerge themselves, or watch them amble between the two huge glass roofed enclosures.

Copenhagen attractions

Science centre​ - Eksperimentarium

Please note that Eksperimentarium is temporary closed until  re opening in 2017. 
The Eksperimentarium City in Hellerup is a 3000 m2 seeing, touching, hearing, and total experience facility. It is a must-see for the curious and the scientifically inclined. The exhibitions are interactive and allow guests to experiment and experience science and the senses. 
The Eksperimentarium also offers outdoor activities. With its 1000 m2 facing the sunny side of the Copenhagen harbour, the Eksperimentarium offers four wonder-filled floors worth of ​​​​​​experiences. 

And more...

For more about Copenhagen and current Copenhagen event calendar - See visitcopenhagen.com​​


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Terms and Conditions​ apply. Prices are subject to availability. All listed ​prices are inclusive of charges and taxes. Cred​it card fees apply for card issues outside the EU. Booking fees of €10 per online booking and €20 per telephone booking apply. Please note: Maximum 9 people for online bookings. Travelling with more than 9 people? Please contact customer service​.

Terms and Conditions​ apply. Prices are subject to availability. All listed ​prices are inclusive of charges and taxes. Cred​it card fees apply for card issues outside the EU. Booking fees of €10 per online booking and €20 per telephone booking apply. Please note: Maximum 9 people for online bookings. Travelling with more than 9 people? Please contact customer service​.