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Choose from the outstanding Commodore breakfast buffet, The 7 seas breakfast buffet or a light breakfast in the Baresso café.

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Choose from five outstanding restaurants -The Buffet in 7 Seas restaurant, gourmet in Marco Polo restaurant, steaks and other delicious dishes in Explorers steakhouse, Italian food in Little Italy and Á la carte in Blue Riband.​

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Lunch/Light meals

Choose from an excellent selection of Italian classics in Little Italy, or grab a sandwich and fresh fruit in the Baresso cafe.

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7 seas restaurant - Buffet restaurant

Wake up to the most delicious breakfast buffet, offering everything the heart can desire, from healthy juices, fresh fruits and yoghurt to freshly baked bread, cheese, bacon, scrambled eggs and Danish pastries.

The new 7 Seas dinner Buffet compose of lavish palette of the best foods and treats of the North.

The inspiration is the changing seasons and its vegetables, and it is all freshly made on board.

Presented as 7 individual cornerstones, you can access the buffet in any order of your choice, and the children’s buffet make youngsters decide for themselves.

The Bread –  A wide variety of freshly baked bread

Seafood's – Fresh, fragrant, from local suppliers

Toppings  –Roasted, cured, marinated and ready for the bread

From the stove – Savoury and from free ranging livestock

Salads & vegetables - Lean, crispy and fresh every day. Mix it up to your taste 

Fruits & Desserts – Homemade cakes, cookies et. Cheeses from all over Europe. Season fruits

Non Allergic – A broad selection to meet any special dietary need you may have  



Deck 7 on ship Pearl Seaways.
Deck 8 on ship Crown Seaways.
Table reservations can be made in the online booking process and on board.

Children's information

Children's buffet available​​
Children* 0 - 3 years: Free
Children* 4 - 11 years: Half price 
Children* get breakfast buffet for free** pre-purchasing online.

Opening hours​

Breakfast buffet: 07.00 - 09.30
Dinner buffet: 17.30 - 22.00​
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Welcome to 7 Seas!

*Children 0 - 11 years

**Applies only for online bookings. Maximum 2 children per paying adult.​

Marco Polo - Fine dining yet casual

Enjoy some of the finest cuisine on board in the exclusive surroundings of this​ first class restaurant.
A superb menu combined with an impressive wine list ensures a fantastic dining experience.


Please reserve your table in online booking process or in the restaurant​


Deck 8

Opening hours

From 18.00 


Children's information

Children* 0 - 3 years: Free
Children* 4 - 11 years: Half price
Children's* menu "Jack the pirate" available

Welcome to Marco Polo!

*Children 0 - 11 years​. Children 0 - 3 eat for free in all restaurants

Explorers Steakhouse ​

Everything on the menu​ is made with the best raw materials from local producers. The keywords are quality and freshness. 


Table reservations can be made in the online booking process and on board in the restaurant.
Non-meat and vegetarian dishes available.
Large wine list available. 


Deck 8​

Opening hours​

18.00 - 22.00​


Children's information

Special children’s menu available
Children* 0 - 11 years - Half adult price
Children's* menu "Jack the pirate" available.​

See more about Explorers Steakhouse here​​​


Blue Riband - European food

Group bookings only - Minimum nine ​people. Please contact Customer service to book a table. 
Choose from a superb à la carte menu made with seasonal ingredients and a large wine list.  


Group bookings only - Minimum nine people.
Please contact Customer service to reserve a table. 


Deck 8

Opening hours 
18.00 - 22.00

Children's information

Children* 0 - 3 Free
Children* 4 - 11 Half price
Children’s menu available

Welcome to Blue Riband!​

*Children 0 - 11 years​​

Little Italy 

Enjoy some of the best traditional dishes from Italy - Delicious antipasti, stone-oven baked pizzas, homemade pasta dishes and Italian desserts and cheese.



Deck 8

Opening hours

Crown Seaways from 12.00
Pearl Seaways from 13.00   

Menu selection includes

Homemade pasta dishes
Stone-oven baked pizzas - Including vegetarian- and seafood
Italian desserts and cheese
Special wine menu with Italian wines and beers

Children's information

Children* 0 - 3 years: Free​
Children* 4 - 11 years: Half price
hildren's* menu "Jack the pirate" available

Welcome to Little Italy!

*Children 0 - 11 years

​The o​n board experience​