Breakfast options
Enticing buffets or lighter options

With the outstanding Commodore Breakfast Buffet in Explorers steakhouse, the extensive all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in the 7 Seas restaurant, and the light breakfast options from the Baresso coffee shop, there is a breakfast available for every appetite.

7 Seas restaurant - All-you-can-ea​t breakfast buffet

​With a delicious and varied selection of both hot and cold dishes, the extensive breakfast buffet in the 7 Seas restaurant is a wonderful way to start the morning, and can easily be added to any booking.



Deck 7 on ship Pearl Seaways.
Deck 8 on ship Crown Seaways.

Opening hours

Breakfast buffet is served  from 07.00 - 09.30

Children's information

Infants 0 - 3 years: Free​
Children 4 - 11 years: Half price
Teens 12 - 15 years: Adult price
For detailed prices, please see the online booking.​

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Baresso coffee shop

The Danish coffee shop offers aromatic coffee made by professional baristas, lighter meals such as delicious sandwiches, cakes, cookies, and smoothies. 

Selection inc​​ludes​

  • Hot and cold coffee drinks
  • Ice blends
  • Sandwiches - Produced on board
  • Cookies, cakes - Produced on board​​
  • Fresh fruit 


Located on deck 7​

Opening hours​​

From 07.00 - 09.30​

The Commodore Breakfast Buffet​ - Included in all Commodore bookings

One of the many reasons to travel in the Commodore Classes – Commodore Class, Commodore de Luxe, Commodore Balcony and Commodore Owner’s Suite – is the world class Commodore Breakfast Buffet, which is included in the cabin price.

The outstanding breakfast buffet offers healthy options like smoothies, fruit, and whole grain breads and muesli, as well as tempting delights such as bacon, freshly-baked croissants and pastries. 

Your morning coffee or tea is poured at the table by the dedicated staff.​

The Commodore Breakfast Buffet includes

  •  Freshly baked bread from the on board bakery
  • Dairy products such as yoghurt, skyr, and cheese
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Cereals and muesli, nuts, seeds, and other toppings
  • Egg dishes, including boiled, scrambled, and fried eggs
  • Charcuterie, including pâtés, sausages, roast beef, and serrano ham
  • Smoked fish and pickled herring
  • Juices
  • Freshly made smoothies
  • ​​Gourmet coffee and tea
  • Danish pastries and croissants ​


One Commodore breakfast buffet per person staying in the cabin or suite is included in Commodore Class cabin- or suite price.*

If travelling on a 2-night round trip cruise (Mini cruise) - two breakfast buffets per person are included in price. ​

The Commodore Breakfast Buffet is exclusively served for Commodore guests.

The breakfast buffet is served between 07.00 - 09.30 in Explorers steakhouse, located on deck 8, or it can be brought to your cabin or suite. 

How to book

The Commodore Breakfast Buffet is included in the cabin price when travelling in following cabin classes: 
Commodore Class
Commodore de Luxe
Commodore Balcony
Commodore Owner's Suite.

Please note: You cannot add the Commodore Breakfast Buffet to your booking in the online booking flow, it is automatically included when you choose one of the Commodore cabin types.

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*Please note: All listed​ prices in the online booking ​flow are per cabin/suite, not per person. 

​​Terms and Conditions​ apply. Prices are subject to availability. All listed ​prices are inclusive of charges and taxes.
Cred​it card fees apply. Booking fees of €10 per online booking, €20 per telephone booking apply.
Please note: Maximum 9 people for online bookings.
Travelling with more than 9 people? Please contact customer service​